Saturday, December 03, 2005

Avoiding all work

Today is Saturday, and I'm at work. Before you think to yourself how dedicated I am, let me tell you what I've been doing: surfing the web and listening to music. Well, its something to do. At first I was "waiting while my tissue culture media warmed up", but I'm pretty sure that its warm now so I'm going to have to come up with something else. I could just go home and play Pokemon, but you know what? After three solid days of it, I think I kinda OD'd. I know, thats hard to believe. Also, hello! Carpal tunnel! Maybe I should go to the grocery store. Haven't gone grocery shopping since we got back from NH, so the level of food in the house is LOW. I would say almost nonexistent. I've been eating dry Weetabix for breakfast and I'm officially out of frozen meals for lunch. Dinner is also sorely lacking at the Chadwick home, much to Brian's unabashed joy, because I'm far less resistant to the idea of getting takeout or pizza.

I could also go home and decorate the house or something. I know its Christmas and maybe I should feel a little Christmassy, but I really don't. I did put up a wreath on the door, so please give me some points for that. We did also take all of the Christmas crap boxes out of the attic, but they're still all sitting on the bed in the guest room. And we put our fake Christmas tree out of its misery last year, so we're tree-less (and before you get all up in arms that I have a fake tree, let me remind you that we're NEVER actually at our home at Xmas, and I don't like the thought of leaving a real one there to drop all its needles while I'm gone, or catch on fire in a freak accident). I'm thinking that the annual Chadwick cookie exchange is taking a break this year. Also, do not be shocked when none of you get Christmas cards from me this year, as I'm pretty sure that ain't happening. However, many of you will get something from me: an acknowledgement card. I didn't even know that these existed. They're like thank you notes for funerals. I've always been a terrible thank you note writer, terrible terrible. Generally at Christmas I would speak to the gift givers and say thanks on the phone. I know, Emily Post would not approve. With a Herculean effort, I did manage to do all of the wedding thank you notes. And I have made more of an effort the last few years, now that I'm a grown up.

Work is going okay. I had a bad day on Friday which was rife with bouts of bursting into tears at work, which is great. Way to keep up the image of tough female scientist, Lisa! Of course everyone is very nice, so I think I can keep my credibility a bit longer. I also had a good day on friday in that a) I had some possibly interesting data and b) it seems that I FINALLY FINALLY got RNAi to work in my stupid made of steel and stone cell line. So OMG. I've been working on that since August. Maybe I can keep my PhD after all, not that I've received my diploma yet. Apparently my department elected to not pay my last semester of tuition. I did contact them about this and they assured me that they would take care of it, however I know now that this is really not true because my account was turned over to collections. Hurrah. Yay for my credit.

Last night, we went over to the home of Denise/Jim/Mia/Mac/Mascot/Milo/Chessie/and an array of small dead animals that Chessie brings into the house with Chris/Leo/Adam/Grace. I think I need to have kids just to keep up. Anyhow! Back to the subject. Son Adam was wearing the absolute funniest t-shirt EVER that said 'Sarcasm is one of the services I offer'. Hee! Apparently preteen daughter Mia also owns a t-shirt that says 'Its cute how you think I'm listening to you' which of course her mother gave her. Hahaha. Funnily enough, Mia won't wear this shirt. She does however wear a shirt that says 'Science Rocks!' on it. Additionally, I am her idol. I go by the name of 'Lisa the Scientist'. I hoped I could parlay my fame into some wearing of the other t-shirt by Mia, but alas, no go. I remember in high school I wore t-shirts almost exclusively. Herryn called me 'T-shirt girl', I believe. And I wondered why I was not more popular with the boys.

I wish I could go back now and redo those parts of when I was younger and thinner. I would wear only flattering clothes. I would never have tried those blonde blonde highlights that ruined my hair for YEARS afterwards. I would have started shaping my eyebrows better much sooner. Seriously, I look back at pictures from college and the only thing I can think is 'Oh god! Those eyebrows!'. Not that I didn't pluck them or anything (I mean, I didn't have a monobrow, are you kidding?), but they were too much. My real hair color (not that any of you know what that is!) is much too dark and my Irish skin much too pale for those eyebrows. Oh well. Live and learn.


Special K said...

It rocks that I'm not the only jackass who's at "work" on Saturday. Keep your chin up girl. We all love you.

Heidi Ellis said...

Wow, it doesn't rock that I just noticed this post on the Tuesday after you wrote it. What the hells wrong with me? I check this every day!

Anyway, sorry about the bad day. :( It's good to shed a few tears. It's kind of like emotional throw up. (Sorry about the disgusting analogy)

And unfortunately I'm the same with the thank you cards, and my mother in law is a tight ass about it. Ugh.

Denise said...

Gosh, I hope people don't think that Chessie and Milo are kids - that would mean that I have four - ack!!

Had to write because you mentioned eyebrows - have you seen Janeane Garafalo lately? She has been on the West Wing. And while normally I love her, there is something going on with the girl's brows. I mean, she looks fake. Or they do. Its almost like she got some sort of eyebrow lift - I don't know how else to explain it. She looks very odd! Thats all for now!