Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nothing like a pair of shoes to make you feel better.

When I was back in NH this summer after I finished my PhD, I went shopping with my mom and Melissa. As we do (New Hampshire is tax-free, you know!). At Marshalls, or TJ Maxx, one of those two, I saw I pair of shoes that I loved. They were pink. They were high. I thought they'd look great with jeans. Unfortunately, they were about half-a-size too big, and gapped a little bit at the back of my heel. I looked everywhere for a pair in the half-size down, but they were nowhere to be had.
At the end of October, I was back up in that area for Mel's 30th. At the party, her sister-in-law was describing how she buys everything on eBay, including this cute pair of mules she was wearing (I just cannot do mules. I always feel like they're going to fall off my feet). So I tried to search eBay for my wonderful dream shoes, but I couldn't find them. Probably because I didn't know what brand they even were. Bummer.

Cut to this past weekend, when I made the most depressing mall trip ever. Of course, I was already having a bad weekend so the last thing I wanted to do was go to the mall in the midst of holiday shopping. Come to think of it, that feeling is not all that unique to this year. I hate crowds. Well, anyhow, everyone is all chipper and doing their shopping, and I was going directly to the Hallmark to buy those thank you notes I was talking about. I don't usually go into the department stores, but I had parked outside of Hudson Belk because I knew that the Hallmark store was right outside. For some reason, I was pulled in the direction of the shoes. The clearance shoes. And there I found these:

I don't think they're the same shoes I saw before, but they're similar enough. These are more of a light mauve-y color than what I remember (not as almost silver-y as they look in this picture). But the other features were the same - the square toe, the sort of drawstring-y gathered effect, the heel. And of course, the only pair were my size, exactly!! Hurrah! I know you're jealous.

It hasn't rained all summer or fall, but its been raining buckets this last week, so I wasn't able to wear them until today (even though they were on clearance, they still cost more than I would normally spend on shoes, and I haven't had a chance to spray them with that anti-water spray). So exciting. And (and I know no one will believe this) they're relatively comfortable.

On a totally unrelated side note, as I was sitting here typing this I caught my finger between my chair and my desk and ripped off a little strip of skin. A relatively big strip of skin actually. I put a band-aid on it about 5 minutes ago and it has already soaked through rather extensively. Ack. Ack ack ack.


Heidi Ellis said...

Great shoes! You'll definitely have to bring them up when you come. Although maybe not wear them in the snow. LOL! Did you ever get to use that coupon I sent you?

patientgrl said...

Love the shoes! Justin always complains I have too many shoes. But I think he has too many fishing poles. A girl can never have too many shoes!

Heidi Ellis said...

Patientgrl, I don't know you but I'm sitting in the same boat as you. My husband has too many tools and electronics, yet feels fine telling me I have too many shoes. PLEASE!