Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Think pink!

Ok, so I've just about had it with the pink. I know! You're shocked. Me too. Its just so freaking PINK. Not easy on the eyes. I bet you're also thinking "...and difficult to pass off as a website that I should be viewing at work."
So thinking of you, dear readers, I did just try to switch to a new template. And apparently I'm completely incapable of doing so without completely screwing everything up. Ugh. So you're just going to have to deal for now.

Unrelated to the pinkness, but I talked to High School Boyfriend Bill yesterday. I do not talk to HSBB all that often, a couple of times a year if we're doing really well, which we never are. So scratch that. Maybe once a year. He called to offer his condolences and see how I was doing (yesterday = ok) which was nice.
Now recall that I was in band/orchestra/jazz band for most of my life. The vast majority of boyfriends I've ever had were also musicians, especially in high school.

(aside: Hm. Now I'm really thinking about this. Jerky college boyfriend Greg was not. Jerky boyfriend Sean was not. There's a pattern here!)

(second aside: Before I completely alienate former boyfriends who do read this, I seem to recall that you took guitar lessons. So I'm counting that, whether or not you still do. You're good.)

(disclaimer: I do know many non-musician men who are not jerks, I just didn't date them so I have nothing with which to compare)

(finally: I married Brian, and he doesn't play anything. There are exceptions to every rule)

HSBB is no exception. Unlike myself, HSBB has continued to play, lives in NYC now and has a fabulous life of wearing metallic-effect shirts and playing in Broadway shows. Such as now, he's playing in Sweet Charity. He offerred a tidbit of gossip that I CANNOT BELIEVE I did not pick up on before (especially because it doesn't seem to be too secret)- after Christina Applegate's run ends, it is possible that BRITNEY SPEARS will take over - although suppossedly she is no longer in talks about this (bummer!). OMG.

Of course, I love the celebrity gossip, so it stunned me that I hadn't heard this. But alas, I searched Gawker and I found an item about it. How can I be the last to know? Its like when my mom had to tell me about Nick and Jessica (which she heard from my Dad, which is even worse). I even missed the fact that the Britster had kicked her white trash husband out of the house, or whatever. I figured that out by reading a recent 'Go Fug Yourself' entry. Clearly I'm losing my touch.

Also, I'm going to have to get HSBB to read the blog, because he'll be pleased that I made a reference to his metallic shirt, which I saw once like 4 years ago. I'm telling you, it really made an impact!


HSBB said...

God-damn am I flattered that someone has finally written something on the internet about me.

But GOD-DAMN am I even more flattered that LISA has written something on the internet about me.

For the record part of me wishes that I was HSBC, as in the bank , because I would have tons more money than I do now. But I bet HSBC doesn't have the metallic shirt like I do... You are dying to check it out I know, go ahead, nobody is looking, and I won't tell either:

Regarding the Britney rumors, today at the show I was told Britney is back in talks with the producers of the show. Please keep your fingers crossed because I hear Britney like totally digs super metallic shirts. Don't hate on me when I get the prize.... :)


Lisa said...

hee. your shirt was so much cooler than that one.
also, there's a website called 'Like My Body'?? how lame. i'm going to vote 'Hate it' for ALL of those morons.

Special K said...

Who the hell is HCBC?

Heidi Ellis said...

That's a fresh shirt, man.

Looking forward to the new layout. I can't believe you might ACTUALLY be done with PINK!

GuitarPlayingExBF said...

Whew, I'm glad that the guitar lessons came in handy for something(earning me a spot on the non-jerk exBF/musician list). :-)