Thursday, December 15, 2005

See? I do love you!

I changed it! No more pink!! Wahoo!
Also, I am at least skilled enough to change the fonts used in the basic template. I hate serifs. I am picky like that. So, go me!

Whats going on? Not much. Its raining here and cold, thus: Freezing Rain!! Dun dun dunnnnnnn...
As a result, we decided to sleep in this morning (until 8! wahoo!), I made the crust for my world-famous white chocolate mousse cake (for our holiday party this weekend), and I rolled in here at 10:30. The joys of being a postdoc!

I then proceeded to do my Westerns, which I have to say totally sucked. Four blots! All sucky!! I used a new gel system and I don't think the ideal conditions are the same as those for the one I normally use. Oh well. File that under 'Lisa does the experiment'.

Not too much else is going down. Trying to plan our trip back to NH for Christmas - which, if you're lucky, may be stopping in a CITY NEAR YOU!! Oh yes. Especially if you live in Philly - thats a definate stop. We'll be stopping in the city to visit college/grad school friend Anna. We're also auditioning Baltimore as a stop, but haven't bothered to find out whether our friend will be in town or not then. It is difficult to shack up at someone's home when they are not there.

We will also be making another trip with Milo (the dog), which will be exciting. Actually, Milo is fine in the car. Totally. He just hangs out. The only problem is that sometimes he slides around on the leather seats. Hee.

I've ordered myself a new Game Boy game too, so I'm all set with the sitting on my ass while Brian drives (he doesn't like to not be the driver, and I don't like driving - another good reason we married each other!).

So thats about it.

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Heidi Ellis said...

I greatly enjoy the new layout. :) And if you're cake/pie/mousse is so "world famous" how come I've never had it? Huh?