Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh also - ew.

Ok, I just got the Cell table of contents in my inbox and was totally grossed out by the cover photo:

Yuck. I couldn't imagine what this was suppossed to illlustrate that was published in Cell. Well. Here's the caption:

"The cover image exemplifies the saying “one bad apple ruins the bunch.” In this issue, Hill et al. (pp. 1001–1011) report that an epithelial cancer (the bad apple), through non-cell-autonomous mechanisms, induces a p53 tumor suppression response in associated fibroblasts (surrounding good apples). Due to ensuing selective pressures, highly proliferative mesenchyme harboring p53 deletions emerges, contributing to cancer progression, an observation that impacts both mechanistic understanding and clinical management of this disease. Cover photograph is courtesy of Cheryl Meissel."

So this was just gratitutious use of bugs on their part, as far as I'm concerned. Ick.

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patientgrl said...

And I just bought a bag of apples at the commissary! I hope they don't have cancer. :oP