Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lisa does the experiment: Ethanol on an unhealed wound.

When I was a grad student, I used to think it was strange that one of the postdocs in our lab didn't wear gloves when she did tissue culture. I guess it is strange, but now I do it too. I guess I'm too lazy to wear gloves. My new PI doesn't wear gloves for anything, even things I wouldn't dream of doing without gloves. And he is the one who taught me. Also, gloves are MURDER on my nails, which have enough problems as it is. So I just ethanol my hands real good while I'm doing TC.
Remember how I said that I had ripped a big strip of skin off of my pinky the other day? Well, I didn't. Until I ethanoled my hands. HOLY CRAP.

On the plus side, the wound is clean now. I don't know that my pain receptors will ever be the same, but we're clean.

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patientgrl said...

As I read this blog entry a big smile grew on my face and I chuckled outloud. I'm still laughing at you.