Saturday, December 02, 2006

Brian is nesting

Yesterday when I was at work, Brian called me in a mild panic.
"Are you having contractions?"
Uh, no. And where did this come from? I hadn't called him or anything, so I didn't know where he had gotten the idea that I was in labor. He said he had just been having this overwhelming feeling that Studs' arrival was imminent. He had been possessed to completely clean and reorganize his office and lab and was wanting to go home and do the same thing there. He was completely positive that I would have the baby this weekend.
Then my boss came in and said 'Uh... before you leave today please send me your figures and your paper in whatever state it is when you leave.' He was also worried that I might not be back on Monday.

Last week there was also a significant increase in the number of random people who would stop me in the hallway and say 'Well, you look like you're just about done!'

Does everyone know something that I don't? Hope not. I did get my grant application sent off yesterday (yay!) but I'd also like to finish up my paper before the baby's arrival.

Anyone else have any weird feelings when their baby was about to come?


Aimee said...

No warning at all for me. One day I was feeling great, and the next day I was feeling kind of icky. Not sure how else to describe it...and then I went into labor that evening.

Annie said...

I had this overwhelming urge to get out of the house, and after about two months of sluggish laziness, I guess it was a big switch. We went to the mall, where I ate an entire coffee ice cream from Marble Slab, and tada! Five hours later, we were having a panic attack and frantically dialing every number we knew. (What a waste of panic, too!)

My Life at 30 said...

oh my gosh as of last week wednesday my doctor told me I was 4 cm's and this weekend all I've been doing is just playing the waiting game. Tomorrow is my 2 yr. old's daughter Brooklyn's birthday...We've been wondering if the baby would come tomorrow.
How long is it going to be....I've pretty much got things set up at work--thank goodness a little break from the 7th graders!