Friday, December 01, 2006

Your celebrity gossip update

Many of my readers are not as into the celebrity gossip as I am. But what if you had to unexpectedly take a pop culture quiz? Or something? I wouldn't just leave you out in the cold. So here's a little round-up of this weeks news:

Just when I think things are starting to look up for my girl Britney, she starts to go back down again.

Divorcing K-Fed? Up!
Dressing like an even hooker-ier version of Pamela Anderson? Down!
Forgetting to wear her undies when dressing like an even hooker-ier version of Pamela Anderson? Even downer!
Hanging out with Paris Hilton and Linsday Lohan? As down as you can get!

In other news:
Speaking of Pamela Anderson, she and Kid Rock are getting divorced only four months after their multi-wedding extravaganza. I know! I was shocked too. Also, I really never saw the appeal of Kid Rock. Um... wifebeater and greasy hair? AND sort of pathetic looking facial hair?

Eva Longoria engaged to this guy who I totally thought she wasn't dating anymore!

We forgot about Anna Nicole Smith for a while, but then she randomly had her baby in the Bahamas, her son randomly died in her hospital room afterwards, had multiple men claiming they were the father of her new baby, became a Bahamian citizen and then got booted out of the house she was living in.

Danny DeVito went on 'The View' drunk. Which is actually hilarious. I'm sure Baba Wawa was really excited to hear all about his sexcapades in the Lincoln Bedroom. You can watch the video here.


Heidi Ellis said...

I'm so over Britney. She's not a teen anymore, she's a mother of TWO and an idiot.

And Danny DeVito was HIlarious. I love watching Elizabeth Hasselbeck's face when he's talking about the White House and the president. Priceless.

Adrienne said...

I admit that I am an addict to

I also want to send Britney some underpants for Christmas.