Friday, December 22, 2006

Video test

We used our fancy new video camera at the doctors office yesterday, and this morning I figured out how to edit our video in iMovie. So here's my first video test. Watch Lisa lay there like a beached whale! See and hear Studs' heart beating! Watch Lisa's stomach undulate! Also featured: You can see that Studs is still a boy, even though I wasn't sure how to indicate this on the video (since you see it actually right before the u/s tech asks us whether we know the gender or not). Thank god, because otherwise Studs would have been a very gender-confused girl with all of the blue boy stuff we have.

Here's the video.


Heidi Ellis said...

It's like you're a science experiment! Ha! That was cool to watch though. I can't believe how big they think Studs is. Well I guess it's not a surprise since he's been baking for so long.

Laura said...

I love how your stomach moves and it totally looks like you have an alien in there! Good Luck and I'm stalking your blog every hour!!