Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Y chromosomes than allowed

I love this whole thing about the Indian runner who failed a gender test. First of all, they have a gender test? Does this sort of thing come up often?
Second of all "more Y chromosomes than allowed" is sort of hilarious. I would think ANY Y chromosomes would be more Y chromosomes than allowed if you're a woman. The way they say that also makes it sound like she might have many, many Y chromosomes, which would be more than allowed for a man too.

Oh, and those of you who were hoping for the 20th are SOL, methinks. It is 2pm and there is no action on the baby front. On the plus (?!) side, tomorrow I'll get to find out how the non-stress test and biophysical profile work. I'm getting concerned that the baby and Brian could have the same birthday (the 23rd). Or that the baby and JESUS (and also my grandmother, but I figured the general reader would be more familiar with the whole Jesus thing) could have the same birthday. Holy crap. I knew it was within the realm of possibility, technically, but I never dreamed that I might still be pregnant at Christmas.

Instead? My mom and I made pizzelles. Hurrah!


patientgrl said...

So do you have that "footsteps" thing on your webpage? It lets you know who's been to your site and when. I am stalking you. I think I've checked your site at least 10 times today in hopes of STUDS news. Thank God I can breath again now that you've posted today!

Adrienne said...

I shall stalk you from Georgia whilst I return to the motherland. My Uncle Lester was born on Christmas, too! Good luck!

smurphy said...

I have to admit it, I'm stalking too, just can't stand the anticipation!

melissaal said...

Me too - stalking like crazy - and my friend, Rebecca, who now lives in Lawrence, KS:-) Castor oil (T) in your orange juice. My midwife told me to do it with Jake - I feel like it helped move things along. (I am sure you were really anxious to hear some additional birthing/parenting advice:-)

Also Lisa said...

M A-L!! hi!
my boss, who had picked today in the pool, also suggested castor oil. he said his mother took it the day she had him. all i can say is GROSS.