Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Still annoyed

Still no baby, still annoyed.

Jim is leaving in the morning, so he didn't get to see a baby after all. He went to the doctor with Brian and I this afternoon so I could have another non-stress test and ultrasound. Everything fine still, and still nothing is happening!

Also, Studs didn't get to make use of his Christmas outfits. If any of you have a Christmas baby in the future, I am totally regifting.

They'll induce me sometime later this week, as yet unscheduled. I would really prefer that he came on his own, but we'll see what happens.

Other than that, we've been playing Guitar Hero which I am getting better at. Its like DDR for your fingers. We've also been playing Advanced Mastermind, which I love. Its hard though when I'm playing with my brother and he SCORES SOMETHING WRONG and doesn't figure it out until I'm about ready to lose my mind. And we've watched some of the Red Dwarf DVDs Jim got us, season 7 (my favorite!) and 8.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas!


Adrienne said...

Sorry to hear you're still a person and a half! To keep you occupied, I would suggest 'Touch Detective' for the DS. I am stuck at one part, and I'll have to ask Jeff's niece what to do, but it's pretty fun. Next on the wish list is 'Phoenix Wright, Ace Detective.' I'll keep my fingers crossed for 'ya!

Anonymous said...

i understand that this is obviously out of your control....but, i can't afford to come back out for a WHILE....not that we're coming exclusively to see studs....it would be nice though. Kendra