Tuesday, December 19, 2006

T + 2 days

Oh dear readers, it is wishful thinking on your parts to think that a few days blog-free meant that I had had Studs. No, apparently Studs did not get the memo that his due date was on SUNDAY and that my weekly BabyCenter email was entitled 'Your newborn'. However, I didn't have anything to blog about other than to complain, so I spared you. Aren't I a very thoughtful pregnant lady? Also, you'll know when we have the baby because Brian's bringing his laptop to the hospital with us and we'll use the wonderful hospital wireless internet to send an email and/or post an update and picture. Promise!

My parents decided to come up this week anyhow, even though Studs hasn't given us any indication that he plans to arrive, EVER. They left yesterday and called us shortly after take-off (well... take-off in the car) to tell us that about 20 miles from home they had hit something on the interstate and punctured their gas tank (and messed up something else, I think, although my one remaining functional brain cell doesn't recall what). They live in Sarasota, FL in the winter and thus have the requisite old person Cadillac, even though they're not really old enough to require one yet. It is huge though, which was the appeal - better to cart around a bunch of out of town visitors, like myself. This was good for their long drive up to NC with the dog, the parrot and all their Christmas presents and stuff (my brother is coming this weekend, so they had EVERYONE'S presents). However, the wrecked gas tank necessitated a shift to their other car - also a Florida requirement - a Chrysler Sebring convertible. Its not THAT small, but its not large either. They all jammed in there and kept driving, but since they got a relatively late start they didn't make it yesterday. So they'll be here by about lunch time.

Brian and I have started an aggressive campaign of walking to walk the baby out. This doesn't sound like a big deal to you normal people, except please recall that I haven't really walked much since I broke my foot almost 10 weeks ago. I can get around a bit better on the Aircast but I'm still pretty slow, so it takes us 45 min - 1 hr to walk around our development. Awesome!

And thats about it. I'll go in on Thursday for a non-stress test and other tests to make sure the baby is doing okay in there, and maybe discuss with the doctor some means of encouraging Studs to come out, like what Aimee mentioned. I am ALL FOR THAT.


patientgrl said...

Have you seen that Friends episode?

Heidi Ellis said...

Well I've heard certain "activities" can help, but with your parents arriving shortly I'm thinking that might make for awkward Christmas memories.

Aimee said...

It's interesting how, before pregnancy, childbirth seems like this really scary thing that only crazy people go through, but by the end of 39 weeks, all you can think about is how great it will be to get that baby out.

And it is pretty great, having them out. :-)