Friday, December 15, 2006

Small with a huge head

Oh. One thing I did learn at the doctors office yesterday (although it shouldn't worry me much because I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER) is that Studs doesn't seem to be too big. She didn't give me a real weight estimate or anything, but by feeling around and measuring my belly she said that he was probably on the smaller side. "Thats a relief" I thought, until I remembered that what was really important was how big his head is. My friend had a small baby with a huge head, and I think the same thing could happen to me. Lets consider the evidence:

1. Brian has a huge head. Just try and find a hat that fits him.
2. My dad also has a huge head. My brothers aren't small either.
3. Every year at Christmas we do those Christmas crackers, because I married a British guy. They have a stupid joke in them (What do you call Postman Pat when he retires?), a little toy of some sort, and a paper crown. Brian, my dad and my brothers have a 'Big Head Contest' every year to see who can break the crown just by contorting their faces. This doesn't take long because they can barely squeeze the crowns onto their huge heads in the first place without them ripping.

I thought I might have a picture of a 'Big Head Contest' in action, but I can't find one. Here's a picture of everyone in their crowns (my family and various and sundry friends and now ex-girlfriends) from a couple of years ago:

As you can see, my dad's and Brian's are already ripped, and Brian's is really just perched on top of his head. Also, Ed's (to the right of my dad) must be ripped in the back too because there's no way he got it that far down on his head without some rippage. I'd say the same about Jim's (he's on the left towards the back) but his looks pretty taut. It might be a little ripped though.

So basically, I'm screwed by genetics. I didn't get the twinning gene (this time anyway - it seems to strike on subsequent pregnancies in our family), but I bet you Studs gets the big head gene. Lucky me!


Heidi Ellis said...

Matt's head was so huge when he was little, that every time he went to the doctors they thought there was something wrong with him. I guess he wasn't in ANY percentile for head size.

Needless to say this has me worried. As well as him being 6' 5"!

Good luck on popping that thing out. :)

Adrienne said...

Don't leave us hanging! What do you call postman Pat when he retires? I'm on pins and needles here!

btw - I have a big head and neither of my parents seem to. Maybe it's a recessive gene. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Duh. Pat.
(one Christmas practically everyone at the table had that joke in their cracker)

Aimee said...

I'm not sure this is appropriate material for a blog, but my OB did a "membrane sweep" (just inside the cervix) at 39 weeks, and I went into labor the next afternoon. It's supposed to release hormones that help get labor going.

best wishes!