Sunday, December 24, 2006

Today's update of annoyed-ness

Well. I am still here.

Ugh! Yesterday was Brian's birthday, so I thought that maybe Studs wanted to have the same birthday as his dad. Evidently I was wrong. Now Brian will be a 34 year old father instead of a 33 year old father.

Jim also arrived yesterday, and we spent the night playing Guitar Hero (which Jim brought with him) on the PS2. I took some video as I was hoping that it would be the last thing I did while I was pregnant, so perhaps we will later have 'video editing practice part II'.

The current last thing I did while I was pregnant was make muffins. Lets hope that sticks.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and gets all the Wii they want (especially those who have solicited references And also, me).


Heidi Ellis said...

Was Guitar Hero fun?

I thought maybe studs would be born on the 23rd too. Hope he comes out soon!

Also Lisa said...

it was fun! i think i'd get tired of it quickly though. it was totally giving me carpal tunnel too.

Annie said...

I was SURE you would have him yesterday, and the lack of update totally convinced me. There will be no more skipping a day on the blog! :) Think of the hotness if you have him tomorrow, though - maybe you'll be the first Christmas baby at the hospital, and you'll win some kind of prize. Like a Wii!

peppersnaps said...

Merry Christmas, Lisa! Hope you get the little bundle of joy you've been hoping for this Christmas... the best gift of all! :)