Friday, December 15, 2006


I so want a Wii. Me and everyone else in the universe, so I am so not getting a Wii - at least not for a while. Thats okay, I'm still playing Final Fantasy XII on my PS2. Oh, and FFIII on my DS. Yes, I have a problem. And also, clearly they were exaggerating when they called the first one Final Fantasy.

Anyhow, lots of other people were lucky and did get Wiis. And then a lot of them broke their TV sets, windows, glass-topped coffee tables, whatever, when the Wiimote was not properly strapped to their wrist while playing (or... the strap broke. I'm more inclined to think 'operator error' myself). Brian just called me to tell me about one of the comments that he had read after a BBC News article about this.

I got one of the first Wii but after a few minutes playing the strap broke and the controller shot off and hit my partner in the face resulting in two broken teeth. She slipped at the same time falling into the TV set and smashing the screen. The TV was plugged into the surround sound system and consequently pulled it over and smashing into my CD and DVD collection. I advise anyone to be careful of the wii

Brian really enjoys it when other people are idiots, so he was practically wetting his pants reading this to me.


Heidi Ellis said...

Awww idiots are so cute.

I secretly want the Wii too. Annnnnnnd! Guitar hero for Play station, but I'm a big music dork.

Lisa said...

oh! Jim has that and he's going to try to bring it with him for Xmas (though he said the controller was big and that might be the limiting factor)